5 simple steps to Spring Clean your home

  • Don’t procrastinate! Prioritise this task - set a date and DO IT
  • GET RID OF CLUTTER - Throw out any items not used in 12 months – instead of providing good hiding spaces for insects, you will free up some space and it will be easier to properly spring clean your home. Clutter can be outgrown cloths, white clothings which will turn yellow if not used for sometime, outdated papers, expired foods and medications, old equipments which are not used in 12 months. Eliminating any unused items in each room before starting the spring cleaning will make cleaning every room easier.
  • Plan the spring cleaning, prepare a list of equipments or cleaning supplies and make sure that supplies are sufficient. If you run out of something when cleaning halfway, it will disrupt your cleaning and makes it less likely to finish the job. Use quality supplies to save time in the cleaning, eg. quality microfiber cloths which doesn’t leave lint and vacuum bags that are not full.
  • Clean from top to bottom – Clean your ceilings, walls, windows, doors and ceiling fans, top of wardrobes first before takling the lower surfaces like table tops and floors to avoid re-cleaning the bottom surfaces twice.
  • REMEMBER to deep clean the Kitchen appliances too - Degrease appliances for safety reasons
And lastly, put on some music and Happy Cleaning!

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