Commercial Cleaning Works
Commercial Cleaning Works

Our clients range from offices, shopping malls to other types of commercial outlets. To keep your customers and staff, hygiene is not to be overlooked! Contact us for a customization of your requirements and arrange an on-site visit for us to recommend the best available options.

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Crystal glass solution (blue) – 5 litres
Crystal glass solution (blue) – 5 litres

– Fill in a spray bottle undiluted and spray on window panes, mirrors or glass surfaces directly
– Buff with a microfiber cloth to shine

Size : 5 Litres

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Customised Professional Cleaning
Customised Professional Cleaning

Tell us your required services and we shall tailor made your customised service package.

Eg. Jet Washing / Chemical Cleaning / Oven Cleaning / Cooker Hood and Hob Degreasing.

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De-Dustmite High Temperature Mattress Deep Steam Cleaning
De-Dustmite High Temperature Mattress Deep Steam Cleaning

Affected by recurrent allergies, sneezing in the mornings, red-eye, recurring skin rashes or asthma? You are most likely affected by dustmites and it’s excretions. Do you know that even though you do not see dust or dirt on the mattress surface, it might be the most dusty item in your home as many good mattresses lasts for as long as 30 years and does not receive the same kind of attention our table tops, bathrooms or floors gets as it is covered under bedspeads all the time! As dust build up, an ideal environment is created for dustmites to thrive, feeding on your skin flakes / skin cells. Dustmites thrive in mattresses, pillows, inside of sofas and even carpets and rugs!

You can now live in a mite-free home with our DE-DUSTMITE STEAM CLEANING SERVICE at the convenience of your doorstep comprising 3-step NON-CHEMICAL organic processes with all 3 steps equally important in the sanitisation method.


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De-Dustmite High Temperature Sofa Deep Steam Cleaning
De-Dustmite High Temperature Sofa Deep Steam Cleaning

Our furnitures at home are often neglected as you may not be able to see with your visible eye on the dust build-up and tend to forget about these items. When we clean our home, usually the focus is on surface dust that are visible and not on mattresses, sofas, couches, fabric chairs, cushions, carpets or curtains at our homes or workplace.

With that in mind, we cater our service solutions to be child/pets friendly so you can now live in a mite-free home Or work in a mite-free environment.

DE-DUSTMITE HIGH TEMPERATURE 180 degrees STEAM CLEANING SERVICE at the convenience of your doorstep comprising 3-step non-toxic organic processes with all 3 steps equally important in the sanitisation method.


Process :

EXTRACTION – Deep extraction with a vacuum with transparent water pan that will not release the dirt back into the air PLUS you can see what comes out 😉

HIGH TEMPERATURE STEAM up to 180 degrees – Kill virus (including covid-19, salmonella, HFMD), bacteria, dustmites, pest eggs, mould spores and helps to deodorise too

ORGANIC ANTI DUSTMITE SPRAY – A quality CleanHomes’ anti-dustmite product, content originated from Australia and packaged in Singapore, leaves a fresh scent, helps to protect the sofa and prevents dustmites build up (this product is also available for sale at our products section at $32.90/- each)

*Please note that for minor stains on item, spot stain removal product will be applied, removal is not guaranteed.

*Special long-term contract rates are available for both residential and commercial outlets, choose from quarterly to half yearly packages. You can also opt for the option of displaying our “de-dustmited” logos to show your valued employees and customers that you care. Add this item to your quotelist when choosing your services or get in touch with us.


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Arm chair @ $140/-
2-seater sofa @ $180/-
3-seater sofa @ $220/-

Single $120/-
Super single $150/-
Queen $180/-

King $220/-
Super king $320/-

*for engagement of 2 items and above from above categories, 50% discount applies from 2nd item onwards

Blackout $80/- 1 set
Night $60/- 1 set
Day $15/- per pc
*rates for up to 3m height and 3m wide
For above 3m, please send photos to get rates

Please send photos or contact us to get rates

Notes :
*minimum rate of $150/- applies per location per visit
*for add-on to spring cleaning / professional cleaning services, reach us for special add-on rates at your point of booking


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Degreasing of Kitchen
Degreasing of Kitchen

Degreasing of kitchen may be added on to your desired professional cleaning service package or selected as a standalone item – for that “heavily cooked” kitchen

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Sale! Enzyme organic stain remover
Enzyme organic stain remover

– Biodegradable & Non-Toxic – Odourless – Effectively removes tough non-permanent stains on most non-porous hard surfaces – Cleans oven, stubborn spot stains, bathrooms, glass, tiles, leather, lcd screen, plastic, laminated surfaces – No harmful residue or fumes – Gentle on … Continued

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Leather Treatment
Leather Treatment

Protect your leather upholstery by engaging our leather shine treatment regularly. The service comprises of a steam sanitising, cleaning up of dust and dirt as well as leather polish to condition and protect the leather. For stains treatment, please inform our consultants during your enquiry so we can recommend the correct package.

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Marble & tiled floor polishing
Marble & tiled floor polishing

With time and frequent use of marble floors, countertops, showers, the marble is bound to lose its shine and gloss. But that doesn’t mean it cannot be back to its original form. With the Marble Polishing process, it’s possible. In this process, the marble floor is cleaned, smoothed and polished to remove dirt, stains, scratches, and to preserve its natural shine and luster.

Flooring is the most important asset of any premises. Maintain it well and you will see that it lasts as long as the property do!


The deepest form of floor cleaning for tiled flooring (be it marble, granite, homogeneous or ceramic tiles) will be to polish the tiles with the correct chemicals and professional polishing equipment. Most polishing works will be able to complete within 1 day.


Honing is an essential process of restoring marble floors with the use of diamond encrusted pads to scratch the marble surface. This process helps to remove unwanted marks and accumulated scratches, resulting a polished marble surface.


Contact us for a free estimate

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Microfiber mop padding for 30cm microfiber mop
Microfiber mop padding for 30cm microfiber mop

Get additional microfiber mop paddings for your microfiber mop.

Reusable up to 1000 rinses.

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Sale! Microfiber Mop System (30cm)
Microfiber Mop System (30cm)

Durable and lightweight aluminium microfiber mop (30cm)

Comes with 1 microfiber mop padding (Additional mop paddings may be purchased at $13.90 each)

– Aluminium mop parts durable and lasting
– Detachable microfiber paddings reusable up to 1000 times!
– Better system to pick up dust on floors, wipe high vertical surfaces (eg. kitchen wall tiles, High windows)
– Replaces traditional mops that leaves lint
– Saves time, completes mopping efficiently in half the time compared with traditional mops
– Adjustable pole height

Usage Instructions
– Use with wet or dry microfiber padding

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Sale! Miracle Microfiber Cloth (5pcs)
Miracle Microfiber Cloth (5pcs)

100% tricot microfiber cloths (Pack of 5)

– Cleans and polishes without leaving lint
– Doesn’t scratch shiny surfaces
– Suitable for any surface, especially effective for glass and mirrors and shiny surfaces including wood and stones
– Durable and lasts through 1000 washing cycles!

Usage Instructions
– Rough side for scrubbing action
– Use wet for cleaning or dry for polishing/buffing

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