Steam Mopping

If you or your kids like to sit on the floors, or you have an infant who will be crawling around the home, deep sanitise your floors by engaging our steam mopping service. Besides deep sanitising, it is also useful to resolve pests and mould issues. The dry steam that is emitted by our quality industrial standards steam cleaner generating safe dry steam with only 6% moisture and at temperature of up to 190 degrees, gets rid of germs, bacteria, viruses & dustmites, small pests like lices, mites, fleas and ticks as well as kills mould spores instantly and the process is natural, safe for pets and infants without the need to use any chemicals.

Eliminating any possible traces of bedbugs or other parasite’s eggs from your home by our steam cleaning process which is the best method you can find for eliminating parasites. Highly recommended to be conducted after the pest control’s service for a thorough round of pest removal.

Suitable for all flooring type including marble, limestone, quartz, ceramic, homogeneous, granite as well as parquet and laminated wooden floors.

This item may be selected as an add-on item to your professional cleaning service at the prevailing bundled discounted rate or as a standalone service (from $290/- onwards depending on floor area).

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