Fleas & Ticks Organic Fumigation

Fleas or ticks like the warm environment of cats / dogs / human skin and both parasites consume blood. If you get a bite from a flea or tick, it might cause allergic reactions like itchy rashes, patches of hair loss and reddened, irritated skin. They ranges in size from a pin’s head to as large as an eraser.

Signs of infestation 

You may have noticed your pet scratching more frequently than usual. These reddish brown fleas and ticks are also visible as they crawl on your pets coats leaving black droppings. You can also find them in areas that your pets retreats to. 

To get rid of fleas and ticks in your premise, besides treatments for your pets, the areas which the pet visits / resides should be treated at the same time.

Treatment may take 1 – 2 sessions to remove all known source and pupae of fleas and ticks. This primarily depends on the severity of your infestation. For more severe cases, we would advice to wait 3 – 4 weeks before conducting the second round of treatment. Daily vacuuming after the day of treatment is essential to remove any newly hatched parasite. You may continue to notice these pests for the next 2 – 3 weeks.

Our comprehensive treatment plan for fleas and ticks includes :

Our comprehensive treatment plan for fleas and ticks includes :

  • Utilising high temperature dry steam system to kill the eggs and larvaes (reaching into wall crevices / floor skirtings etc.)
  • 1-round of deep vacuuming of the entire area with a water based system to trap the captured pests
  • Organic fumigation of the affected areas
  • Treating the beddings and cushioned items in the area to prevent the pests from hiding in these items

Contact us to arrange for an inspection of your premises.

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