De-Dustmite High Temperature
Mattress Deep Steam Cleaning

Affected by recurrent allergies, sneezing in the mornings, red-eye, recurring skin rashes or asthma? You are most likely affected by dustmites and it’s excretions. Do you know that even though you do not see dust or dirt on the mattress surface, it might be the most dusty item in your home as many good mattresses lasts for as long as 30 years and does not receive the same kind of attention our table tops, bathrooms or floors gets as it is covered under bedspeads all the time! As dust build up, an ideal environment is created for dustmites to thrive, feeding on your skin flakes / skin cells. Dustmites thrive in mattresses, pillows, inside of sofas and even carpets and rugs!

You can now live in a mite-free home with our DE-DUSTMITE STEAM CLEANING SERVICE at the convenience of your doorstep comprising 3-step NON-CHEMICAL organic processes with all 3 steps equally important in the sanitisation method.

Our organic signature service

We deep clean mattresses of all sizes including pillows, bolsters, comforters, divans, bedheads, fabric bedframes, sofa sets, carpets, rugs, curtains and fabric chairs. Enjoy living in a hygienic home from now, find out more about our regular treatment contract rates at a further 10% to 20% discount.

Process :

EXTRACTION – Deep extraction with a vacuum with transparent water pan that will not release the dirt back into the air PLUS you can see what comes out 😉

HIGH TEMPERATURE STEAM up to 180 degrees, and 6-bar pressure, the steam is able to penetrate even thick 10-12 inches mattresses – Kill virus (including covid-19, salmonella, HFMD), bacteria, dustmites, pest eggs, mould spores and helps to deodorise too

ORGANIC ANTI DUSTMITE SPRAY – A quality CleanHomes’ anti-dustmite product, content originated from Australia and packaged in Singapore, leaves a fresh scent and helps to protect the mattress and prevents dustmites build up

*Rates starts from only $48 per mattress depending on size* when you add this service to your professional cleaning session *referring to spring cleaning, post-renovation cleaning, pre-moving cleaning or post-tenancy cleaning

*Special long-term contract rates are available for both residential and commercial outlet’s (Offices, hotels, service apartments, SPAs etc.) carpet and/or mattress treatments, you can opt for the option of displaying our “de-dustmited” logos to show your valued employees and customers that you care. Add this item to your quotelist or get in touch with us.

Arm chair @ $140/-
2-seater sofa @ $180/-
3-seater sofa @ $220/-

Single $120/-
Super single $150/-
Queen $180/-

King $220/-
Super king $320/-

Blackout $80/- 1 set
Night $60/- 1 set
Day $15/- per pc
*rates for up to 3m height and 3m wide
For above 3m, please send photos to get rates

Please send photos or contact us to get rates

Notes :
*minimum rate of $200/- applies per location per visit
*for add-on to spring cleaning / professional cleaning services, reach us for special add-on rates at your point of booking

Remember to check out our facebook or Instagram page for latest offers or testimonials or simply contact us with your item list to enjoy our bundled promotions applicable for treatment of any two items onwards.

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