Organic Anti-Dustmite mattress/carpet spray – 240ml


Organic anti-dustmite spray

-Treat the root cause of dustmite allergy symptoms (sneezing,blocked nose,skin rashes,itches,eye infections,throat or breathing disorders) the natural way without the need of any medication.
– Reduction of attacks in asthmatics.
– Pleasant light scent.
– Chemical-free,environmental friendly and certified organic product with all natural ingredients.
– Non-staining formula.
– Safe for humans and pets.
– Kills dustmites and allergens
– Product content imported from Australia, packaged in Singapore

Items suitable to treat
– Carpets or rugs, mattresses, pillows, bolsters, sofa, office chairs, dining chairs, curtains.
Usage Instructions
– Spray weekly for optimal dustmite control
– Spray at a distance of about 30cm, shaking the bottle before spraying

Size : 240ml (spray bottle)

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