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Customised Professional Cleaning

Tell us your required services and we shall tailor made your customised service package.

Eg. Jet Washing / Chemical Cleaning / Oven Cleaning / Cooker Hood and Hob Degreasing.

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Standard Workscope

We provide Customised cleaning that includes the following services:

• Wiping of external of ceiling lighting / wall lamps
• Steam mopping of flooring
• Steam sanitising of bathrooms
• Cleaning of blinds / steam cleaning of curtains
• Cleaning & sanitising internals of refrigerator
• Professional oven internals degreasing
• Cleaning externals/internals of kitchen apparatus (oven toaster, microwave, rice cooker)
• Cleaning stand fans
• Stain or sticker removal
• Professional floor polishing / varnishing service
• Professional walls patching / painting service
• Clearing of small trash items in the cupboards / kitchen cabinets (Trash refers to small items that can fit into the apartment / building’s rubbish chute. For big items, please specify, as alternative transportation and manpower will be required to dispose off the item.

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Wooden floors waxing service
Wooden floors waxing service

You can choose to add waxing service to your wooden floors when you engage a professional cleaning service.

Waxing helps to leave a layer of protective coating, that produces a sheen after floors are cleaned and waxed is applied.

This service has to be pre-booked during your service booking so we can prepare the necessary in advance.

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Parquet and timber flooring reinstatement
Parquet and timber flooring reinstatement

Professional parquet grinding and varnishing service Flooring is the most important asset of any premises. Maintain it well and you will see that it lasts as long as the property do. Over 80% of Singapore’s properties are built with parquet … Continued

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Steam Mopping
Steam Mopping

If you or your kids like to sit on the floors, or you have an infant who will be crawling around the home, sanitise your floors by engaging our steam mopping service. The steam mop that is attached to our quality industrial standards steam cleaner generating high heat at up to 190 degrees gets rid of germs, bacteria, viruses & dust mites instantly. Besides sanitising purposes, it also serves a host of other benefits.

Eliminating any possible traces of bedbugs or other parasite’s eggs from your home by our steam cleaning process which is the best method you can find for eliminating parasites. Highly recommended to be conducted after the pest control’s service for a thorough round of pest removal.

Suitable for all flooring type including marble, limestone, quartz, ceramic, homogeneous, granite as well as parquet and laminated wooden floors.

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Oven Degreasing Service
Oven Degreasing Service

This item may be selected as either a standalone service @ $249/-
or as an add-on option to any of our professional cleaning services for $80/-

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Painting Service
Painting Service

Valued painting services for reinstatement of commercial and residential properties.

Our range of services includes

– Dismantling of wall fixtures
– Removal of nails, hooks
– Patching of holes
– White wash painting

We also provide customised painting services for part of the property.

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Marble & tiled floor polishing
Marble & tiled floor polishing

With time and frequent use of marble floors, countertops, showers, the marble is bound to lose its shine and gloss. But that doesn’t mean it cannot be back to its original form. With the Marble Polishing process, it’s possible. In this process, the marble floor is cleaned, smoothed and polished to remove dirt, stains, scratches, and to preserve its natural shine and luster.

Flooring is the most important asset of any premises. Maintain it well and you will see that it lasts as long as the property do!


The deepest form of floor cleaning for tiled flooring (be it marble, granite, homogeneous or ceramic tiles) will be to polish the tiles with the correct chemicals and professional polishing equipment. Most polishing works will be able to complete within 1 day.


Honing is an essential process of restoring marble floors with the use of diamond encrusted pads to scratch the marble surface. This process helps to remove unwanted marks and accumulated scratches, resulting a polished marble surface.


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