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Commercial Cleaning Works

Our clients range from offices, shopping malls to other types of commercial outlets. To keep your customers and staff, hygiene is not to be overlooked! Contact us for a customization of your requirements and arrange an on-site visit for us to recommend the best available options.

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Our clients range from offices, shopping malls to other types of commercial outlets. To keep your customers and staff, hygiene is not to be overlooked! Contact us for a customization of your requirements and arrange an on-site visit for us to recommend the best available options.

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Professional aircon specialist
Professional aircon specialist

Professional and quality aircon service

Comprehensive services to maintain your aircon system, making it last longer


  • General routine service (eg. once in 3 months from $40)
  • Gas top up
  • Compressor cleaning
  • Chemical wash (when the coil fins are choked and problems like leaking, not cold occurs)
  • Trouble shooting
  • Installation of new systems
  • Running new pipings and trunkings
  • We serve both homes and commercial projects
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Parquet and timber flooring reinstatement
Parquet and timber flooring reinstatement

Professional parquet grinding and varnishing service Flooring is the most important asset of any premises. Maintain it well and you will see that it lasts as long as the property do. Over 80% of Singapore’s properties are built with parquet … Continued

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Post-Tenancy Cleaning and Reinstatement Services
Post-Tenancy Cleaning and Reinstatement Services


We offer full range of post-tenancy reinstatement services such as the following :

  • general cleaning
  • professional cleaning (deep cleaning)
  • chemical cleaning
  • curtains dry cleaning (on-the-spot service)
  • handyman repair works
  • plumbing (leak repairs)
  • patch works and painting
  • professional floors machine buffing / grinding and polishing
  • wooden timber floors grinding / varnishing.

To send photos, whatsapp to 98567500 or email to

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Sanitising Spring Cleaning service
Sanitising Spring Cleaning service

Maintaining your home with regular top to bottom deep cleaning is important as dust, dirt, mould build-up may cause the following issues :

  • Air quality dropped to unhealthy levels, creating possible health issues like allergies, or eczema
  • Insects like ants, dustmites or bugs infestations
  • Permanent stains

Spruce up your premises for that special occasion with a one-off spring cleaning or set up a regular spring cleaning program with contract discounts. We shall leave behind a pleasant lingering aroma to wow your important guests.

Complimentary sanitisation and disinfection including high temperature 180 degrees steam cleaning for bathrooms – covid period special deal

Choose to add-on service options at discounted bundled rates including :

  • Pest control option for optimal ants/cockroach control
  • De-mite / mould remedy for walls
  • De-dustmite cleaning treatment for mattresses, sofas, fabric chairs and carpets or rug
  • Curtain onsite cleaning
  • High temperature 180 degrees steam mopping of flooring
  • Chemical cleaning for areas like bathrooms, balcony floor tiles, kitchen floor tiles
  • High pressure jet wash
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Pre Move In Cleaning
Pre Move In Cleaning

Suitable for home owners or tenants to get premises professionally cleaned and sanitised before moving in. We serve both homes & offices. Complimentary super steam cleaning for bathrooms! Ask our sales consultant for discounted bundled options to upgrade to steam mopping for floors, steam clean mattress, sofa, blinds, curtains, chemical cleaning of bathrooms, degreasing of kitchen appliances, waxing of parquet floors etc!

You can also tell us if you need to add-on a pest control service for ants/cockroach control during your booking.

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Post-Renovation Cleaning
Post-Renovation Cleaning

Get rid of dust left over from renovation works as well as sanitise premises before moving in – is a must-have for homes with young children or family members with allergy related issues. Best results if performed after acid wash service. Complimentary super steam cleaning for bathrooms!

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Steam Mopping
Steam Mopping

If you or your kids like to sit on the floors, or you have an infant who will be crawling around the home, sanitise your floors by engaging our steam mopping service. The steam mop that is attached to our quality industrial standards steam cleaner generating high heat at up to 190 degrees gets rid of germs, bacteria, viruses & dust mites instantly. Besides sanitising purposes, it also serves a host of other benefits.

Eliminating any possible traces of bedbugs or other parasite’s eggs from your home by our steam cleaning process which is the best method you can find for eliminating parasites. Highly recommended to be conducted after the pest control’s service for a thorough round of pest removal.

Suitable for all flooring type including marble, limestone, quartz, ceramic, homogeneous, granite as well as parquet and laminated wooden floors.

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Professional Carpet Cleaning
Professional Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Deep Cleaning Service (Also known as carpet shampoo)

Do you know that carpets or rugs needs more than “just a vacuum” regularly? Dust, bacteria, tiny air-borne particles (like smoke/construction dust) build up in carpets and causes the air quality in your office or home to be affected. Vacuuming is only able to remove a portion of dust on the surface. Keep your office and home environment hygienic and maintain your carpet or rug’s pristine outlook by taking up a regular professional carpet cleaning service. Adhoc and regular contract rates available.




ORGANIC ANTI-DUSTMITE TREATMENT *Leaves a fresh and clean scent


  • Products and processes are safe for humans (even infants)
  • Deodorises to remove or reduce foul smells
  • No risk of mould and bacteria growth from excessive water getting into carpet or rug
  • Kills bacteria, pests eggs, dustmites, small bugs like bedbugs, book lice, bird mites, instantly disinfects against viruses (eg. covid-19, influenza, H1N1, HFMD, chicken pox etc.)

Send details (size, photos) of your rug or carpets to or reach us at +6598567500.

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De-Dustmite High Temperature Mattress Deep Steam Cleaning
De-Dustmite High Temperature Mattress Deep Steam Cleaning

Affected by recurrent allergies, sneezing in the mornings, red-eye, recurring skin rashes or asthma? You are most likely affected by dustmites and it’s excretions. Do you know that even though you do not see dust or dirt on the mattress surface, it might be the most dusty item in your home as many good mattresses lasts for as long as 30 years and does not receive the same kind of attention our table tops, bathrooms or floors gets as it is covered under bedspeads all the time! As dust build up, an ideal environment is created for dustmites to thrive, feeding on your skin flakes / skin cells. Dustmites thrive in mattresses, pillows, inside of sofas and even carpets and rugs!

You can now live in a mite-free home with our DE-DUSTMITE STEAM CLEANING SERVICE at the convenience of your doorstep comprising 3-step NON-CHEMICAL organic processes with all 3 steps equally important in the sanitisation method.


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De-Dustmite High Temperature Sofa Deep Steam Cleaning
De-Dustmite High Temperature Sofa Deep Steam Cleaning

Our furnitures at home are often neglected as you may not be able to see with your visible eye on the dust build-up and tend to forget about these items. When we clean our home, usually the focus is on surface dust that are visible and not on mattresses, sofas, couches, fabric chairs, cushions, carpets or curtains at our homes or workplace.

With that in mind, we cater our service solutions to be child/pets friendly so you can now live in a mite-free home Or work in a mite-free environment.

DE-DUSTMITE HIGH TEMPERATURE 180 degrees STEAM CLEANING SERVICE at the convenience of your doorstep comprising 3-step non-toxic organic processes with all 3 steps equally important in the sanitisation method.


Process :

EXTRACTION – Deep extraction with a vacuum with transparent water pan that will not release the dirt back into the air PLUS you can see what comes out 😉

HIGH TEMPERATURE STEAM up to 180 degrees – Kill virus (including covid-19, salmonella, HFMD), bacteria, dustmites, pest eggs, mould spores and helps to deodorise too

ORGANIC ANTI DUSTMITE SPRAY – A quality CleanHomes’ anti-dustmite product, content originated from Australia and packaged in Singapore, leaves a fresh scent, helps to protect the sofa and prevents dustmites build up (this product is also available for sale at our products section at $32.90/- each)

*Please note that for minor stains on item, spot stain removal product will be applied, removal is not guaranteed.

*Special long-term contract rates are available for both residential and commercial outlets, choose from quarterly to half yearly packages. You can also opt for the option of displaying our “de-dustmited” logos to show your valued employees and customers that you care. Add this item to your quotelist when choosing your services or get in touch with us.


[btn text="ALA CARTE SERVICE RATES" tcolor=#999 bcolor=#000 link=""]

Arm chair @ $140/-
2-seater sofa @ $180/-
3-seater sofa @ $220/-

Single $120/-
Super single $150/-
Queen $180/-

King $220/-
Super king $320/-

*for engagement of 2 items and above from above categories, 50% discount applies from 2nd item onwards

Blackout $80/- 1 set
Night $60/- 1 set
Day $15/- per pc
*rates for up to 3m height and 3m wide
For above 3m, please send photos to get rates

Please send photos or contact us to get rates

Notes :
*minimum rate of $150/- applies per location per visit
*for add-on to spring cleaning / professional cleaning services, reach us for special add-on rates at your point of booking


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Onsite dry cleaning of curtains
Onsite dry cleaning of curtains

Dry cleaning of curtains onsite service

A huge time saver and doesn’t compromise on clean! No removal is necessary and curtains will be sanitised with a 3-step process including “washing” with 180 degrees high temperature steam – all done on site.

Engage our service to maintain your curtains bi-annually and you will never need to go without your curtains again!


– 100% no shrinkage

– No risks of colour runs

– Curtain fabric / outlook will remain the same – will not crease due to the need to fold

– No downtime

– Complimentary anti-dustmite treatment

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Leather Treatment
Leather Treatment

Protect your leather upholstery by engaging our leather shine treatment regularly. The service comprises of a steam sanitising, cleaning up of dust and dirt as well as leather polish to condition and protect the leather. For stains treatment, please inform our consultants during your enquiry so we can recommend the correct package.

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