Bathroom cleaning

Bathroom cleaning

Bathrooms is considered one of the most important part of any home and due to high moisture levels and ventilation that is usually not as good as the rest of your home, deep cleaning is necessary every so often so your bathroom surfaces will not be infested with mould / bacteria / micro-organisms.


Standard Workscope

Choose from the following service based on how often your bathrooms are cleaned / current condition of your bathroom :

  • Sanitising general cleaning

1 bathroom $180 / 2 bathrooms $290

  • Steam cleaning of bathroom *deep sanitising and kill odor causing bacteria

1 bathroom $220 / 2 bathrooms $320

  • Chemical wash of bathroom *deep cleaning – best for stains

1 bathroom $290 / 2 bathrooms $390


Optional :

  • Machine scrubbing for floor tiles *for floor tiles with stains
  • Resilicone service for bathrooms
  • Marble polishing