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Professional aircon specialist

Professional and quality aircon service

Comprehensive services to maintain your aircon system, making it last longer


  • General routine service (eg. once in 3 months from $40)
  • Gas top up
  • Compressor cleaning
  • Chemical wash (when the coil fins are choked and problems like leaking, not cold occurs)
  • Trouble shooting
  • Installation of new systems
  • Running new pipings and trunkings
  • We serve both homes and commercial projects

Standard Workscope

General routine air-conditioning servicing

includes comprehensive checks and cleaning to various key components of the system so that your unit operates more efficiently :


  • Checking and cleaning of the units’ filter and cover
  • Deodorize filter and checking of bio-pure
  • Checking of the Indoor cooling coil and cleaning it
  • Flushing of the drainage system
  • Checking of the compressor suction and it’s discharge pressure
  • Check motor bearing and, if required, lubricate it
  • Check for gas level


  • Better indoor air circulation
  • Healthier air quality
  • Enhanced efficiency of the unit
  • Higher efficiency means lower cost to operate the unit (reduced power bills)
  • Removal of any water leakages/drainage issues
  • Unexpected breakdown prevention
  • Longer overall life of your unit