Professional Carpet Cleaning
Professional Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Deep Cleaning Service (Also known as carpet shampoo)

Do you know that carpets or rugs needs more than “just a vacuum” regularly? Dust, bacteria, tiny air-borne particles (like smoke/construction dust) build up in carpets and causes the air quality in your office or home to be affected. Vacuuming is only able to remove a portion of dust on the surface. Keep your office and home environment hygienic and maintain your carpet or rug’s pristine outlook by taking up a regular professional carpet cleaning service. Adhoc and regular contract rates available.




ORGANIC ANTI-DUSTMITE TREATMENT *Leaves a fresh and clean scent


  • Products and processes are safe for humans (even infants)
  • Deodorises to remove or reduce foul smells
  • No risk of mould and bacteria growth from excessive water getting into carpet or rug
  • Kills bacteria, pests eggs, dustmites, small bugs like bedbugs, book lice, bird mites, instantly disinfects against viruses (eg. covid-19, influenza, H1N1, HFMD, chicken pox etc.)

Send details (size, photos) of your rug or carpets to or reach us at +6598567500.

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Sanitising Spring Cleaning service
Sanitising Spring Cleaning service

Maintaining your home or office with regular top to bottom deep cleaning is important as dust, dirt, mould build-up may cause the following issues :

  • Air quality dropped to unhealthy levels, creating possible health issues like allergies, or eczema
  • Insects like ants, dustmites or bugs infestations
  • Permanent stains

Spruce up your premises for that special occasion with a one-off spring cleaning or set up a regular spring cleaning program with contract discounts. We shall leave behind a pleasant lingering aroma to wow your important guests.

Complimentary sanitisation and disinfection for a limited time

Choose to add-on service options at discounted bundled rates including :

  • Pest control option for optimal ants/cockroach control
  • De-mite / mould remedy for walls
  • De-dustmite high temperature steam cleaning treatment for mattresses, sofas, fabric chairs and carpets or rug
  • Curtain onsite dry cleaning
  • High temperature 180 degrees steam mopping of flooring
  • Chemical cleaning for areas like bathrooms, balcony floor tiles, kitchen floor tiles
  • High pressure jet wash
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Steam Mopping
Steam Mopping


If you or your kids like to sit on the floors, or you have an infant who will be crawling around the home, deep sanitise your floors by engaging our steam mopping service. Besides deep sanitising, it is also useful to resolve pests and mould issues. The dry steam that is emitted by our quality industrial standards steam cleaner generating safe dry steam with only 6% moisture and at temperature of up to 190 degrees, gets rid of germs, bacteria, viruses & dustmites, small pests like lices, mites, fleas and ticks as well as kills mould spores instantly and the process is natural, safe for pets and infants without the need to use any chemicals.

Eliminating any possible traces of bedbugs or other parasite’s eggs from your home by our steam cleaning process which is the best method you can find for eliminating parasites. Highly recommended to be conducted after the pest control’s service for a thorough round of pest removal.

Suitable for all flooring type including marble, limestone, quartz, ceramic, homogeneous, granite as well as parquet and laminated wooden floors.

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Wooden floors waxing service
Wooden floors waxing service

You can choose to add waxing service to your wooden floors when you engage a professional cleaning service.

Waxing helps to leave a layer of protective coating, that produces a sheen after floors are cleaned and waxed is applied.

This service has to be pre-booked during your service booking so we can prepare the necessary in advance.

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