Anti-microbial ULV disinfection service with certification – living safe in a COVID-19 World 

We keep your premises safe and virus free by complying with NEA / Ministry of Health standards. Suitable for both residential and commercial premises.

disinfection service in singapore
Professional covid disinfection service

Preventive disinfection process

  • Application of disinfectant (approved by NEA to be effective against covid-19) via ULV fogging in exposed areas in premise
  • Inspect the premise to ensure all exposed areas are covered by the spray.

How long does the process take?

  • Estimate approx 1-2 hours required for disinfection of a 1000 sqft property
  • Customers required to vacate the property during this process
  • Premises can resume normal operations 2 hours later

Why choose us?

  • Eliminate 99.99% harmful bacteria and virus
  • 100% Environment-Friendly and Biodegradable Disinfectant
  • Alcohol-Free and non-toxic
  • Covers all surfaces and areas
  • Do not leave a “sticky” feel after drying
  • Last 3-6 months
  • NEA licensed – legal for commercial premises to engage
  • Comes with certification

    *To engage disinfection service for a premise with covid infected person, processes will be in compliance with NEA procedures, we are under NEA’s panel of approved companies to carry out disinfection works. Please tell us your situation so we can propose the correct service. 

Choose to prolong the disinfection lifespan by application of an anti-viral germicide coating which actively and continuously kill microbes – lasting up to 1 year

What does this involve

  • Suitable to be applied in all types of commercial premises or homes.
    On all high touch surfaces (eg. door handles, lcd panels, on/off switches, escalator hand railings, door bells, sports equipments eg. basketballs, dumbells, weights etc)
  • Can apply on : wood, glass, plastic, metal, stone, tiles, leather, rubber